Our goal is protecting and rehabilitating the Pigeon Lake in Clintonville/Larrabee  Wisconsin — for recreation, for wildlife, for property values, and for future generations.

Pigeon Lake is in close proximity to Clintonville/Larrabee and makes it a popular recreation destination. As lake district development and use rises, and threats from invasive species draw nearer, wise management and avid protection of our water bodies become paramount. To ensure that the recreation we enjoy today endures for future generations, we must live in harmony with what we’ve come here to enjoy… the water, the wildlife and the special places of Pigeon Lake.

Above all, participate! Plan to attend an upcoming meeting. PLPRD brings together individuals and representatives from lake groups throughout Wisconsin — people who share your concerns about managing and protecting our natural resources. While you do not need a membership to attend PLPRD meetings, PLPRD needs and appreciates your support.

We invite you to ask questions, voice a concern or comment.

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The Pigeon Pond was drawn down Sept. 4, 2018 till May 15, 2019(?) to allow much-needed repairs on the dam, any questions regarding drawdown should be directed toward the City of Clintonville, as they are in charge of the drawdown.

Pigeon Lake Protection and Rehabilitation District had hoped to save money and take advantage of the drawdown and dredge over 50 years of organic sediment in as many areas we can afford that has accumulated on the lake bed at the rate of approximately 3/4″ per year. There is an average of 3 1/2 to 4ft of muck (organic sediment) needing to be removed while the City had the lake drawn down, although those plans did not work out. We are still looking for ideas and input to address the buildup of organic sediment depleting much-needed oxygen, thus minimizing the habitable areas fish can live and produce an overabundance of weeds due to the high nitrogen content.

Currently, Pigeon Lake is classified by the DNR as 303(d) Listed Impaired Waters. (Look under Assessments & Impairments)

We welcome your input, here is a quick survey in which you can let us know your thoughts. Feel free to share it.


Note: PLPRD is not in charge of the current drawdown but we feel it is necessary to caution the public when walking on the lake bed unless it is frozen. Springtime and/or temperatures above 42 degrees seems to be the most prevalent conditions to infect people and pets.