2016 Deer Hunter Wildlife Survey Preliminary Results

MADISON – Hunters are reminded to fill out a Deer Hunter Wildlife Survey during the excitement of the nine-day gun season and play an important role in wildlife management.

This survey provides a great opportunity for hunters to let Department of Natural Resources staff which types of animals they see (or do not see) in the wild. Thanks to the continued efforts of hunters, department staff can better track population changes and improve management decisions, especially for animals that are very hard to monitor. Hunters are encouraged to record all hunting activity, even if no wildlife sightings occur during a hunt.

In the first two months of the survey, deer hunters have recorded 477 trips, observing 210 bucks, 374 does, 306 fawns, and 73 unknowns. Turkeys and ruffed grouse are the next most commonly seen animals while hunting.

At the end of each year, survey participants receive a personalized summary of all recorded wildlife. To access the survey webpage, visit dnr.wi.gov and search keywords “deer hunter wildlife.” Tally sheets can be filled out either electronically or printed directly from the site. The current survey period ends January 2017.