$5 New Buyer’s License: fun for a bargain

MADISON — One of the best outdoor fun bargains around is the $5 New Buyer’s License at the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, according to Keith Warnke, the agency’s hunting and shooting sports coordinator.

Residents and nonresidents who have not been issued a license, or a conservations patron or sports license, in the last 10 years are eligible to participate. New buyer residents pay $5 for their license, and nonresidents can buy theirs for half price.

“This is an excellent value,” Warnke said. “There’s a banquet of options out there.”

The following licenses are available through this program:

  • gun-deerand junior gun-deer
  • archerand junior archer
  • smallgame and junior and senior small game
  • fishing
  • trapping
  • springand fall turkey

Warnke says buyers can purchase as many of these licenses as eligible for, and can do so during the same year. GoWild.WI.Gov or at any of the more than 1,000 Go Wild license sales locations.