DNR invites public comment to develop aquatic plant management strategic analysis

MADISON – Aquatic plants are critical to freshwater ecosystems and public comment is being invited to help the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources develop the scope of a strategic analysis of the aquatic plant management program.

Aquatic plants provide fish and wildlife habitat and improve water quality and clarity, sediment stability, nutrient uptake and a water body’s oxygen content. However, invasive species and other waterbody impairments can limit these beneficial functions and affect the use of a water body. DNR’s duties involve balancing the protection of aquatic plants and their benefits with management of invasive species.

Aquatic plant management is important to Wisconsin citizens. Recreational users, property owners, the tourism industry and others will benefit from an effective aquatic plant program. The strategic analysis will include descriptions and evaluations of historical, scientific and socio-economic information related to aquatic plant management to help inform future discussion and decisions.

DNR encourages those interested to review the list of topics to be included in the aquatic plant management strategic analysis and supply any comments or additions. The public comment period will remain open until Nov. 16, 2016. The current list of topics being considered for the APM strategic analysis [PDF] can be found on the DNR website.

Comments may be emailed to DNRAPMSA@Wisconsin.gov or mailed to: Chelsey Blanke, Department of Natural Resources, 2801 Progress Road, Madison, WI 53716. DNR will use the comments to help determine the scope of the strategic analysis document.

The public also will be invited to review and comment on the strategic analysis document once it is prepared. The final document will be used to formulate decisions regarding aquatic plant management alternatives.

Information on this strategic analysis can be found by searching the DNR website, dnr.wi.gov, for aquatic plant management strategic analysis.