First harvest and first experience certificates will help hunters remember time in the outdoors for years to come

MADISON Hunters and trappers of all ages who harvest their first deer, turkey, bear, bobcat, otter, fisher, or simply have a great first year in the field are encouraged to check out the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources’ selection of first harvest and first hunting experience certificates.

“The first time you harvest an animal can be very exciting, however the first time sitting in a tree stand or setting that trap can be just as memorable,” said Erin Larson, DNR wildlife data coordinator. “The department is offering the first trapping and hunting experience certificates as a way to commemorate the entire experience, from the first time going into the outdoors, to the first successful harvest.”

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Commemorate your first year in the field with a First Harvest or First Hunt Experience Certificate!

Those interested can submit a photograph of their special moment to be included, as well as details about the experience. To help preserve hunting memories with friends and family, these free certificates can act as a personalized memento.

While first deer and turkey certificates remain popular throughout the state, hunters and trappers also have the option to create additional certificates, including:

  • firstbear;
  • firstbobcat;
  • firstotter;
  • firstfisher; or
  • firsttrapping or hunting experience (regardless if harvest occurred).

Hunters are asked to fill out information about when and where the animal was harvested. This information will be displayed on the individually customized certificate. Certificates will be sent electronically to the successful hunter within a few weeks.

To create a certificate, search the DNR website,, for keywords “first certificates.”