Fairway Lake

Past Fairway Lake Permit Process 2011

DNR denied our application to clean up Fairway Lake.

Below are links to the Fairway Lake DNR Permit Application and results.

Original Permit (50 page pdf) Click here

DNR Receipt Acknowledgement Click here

Letter to Linda Van Pay Click here

Permit application is incomplete Click here

Reference Request Letter Click here

Letter of Reply to Scott Koehnkes Letter Of February 14, 2011. Pages 1—–6 Click here

Pages included

1—–2 February 14, 2011 letter from Scott Koehnke Click here

3 February 25, 2011 letter to Scott Koehnke Click here

4 February 28, 2011 E-mail With attachments from Scott Koehnke Click here

5—–7 Scientific Research Reference–Sedimentological Effects of Aeration- Induced Lake Circulation. Click here

8—–9 Scientific Research Reference—Aeration of Lakes and Reservoirs Click here

10—11 Scientific Research Reference–Freshwater harmful algal bloom Click here

12—15 Scientific Research Reference–Use of Upflow Water Circulators Click here

16—20 Pointe Calumet Study Click here

21—23 Detailed Bathymetric map of FairWay Lake & Pigeon Lake Survey

Locations, with Bathymetric Data as provided by Tetra Tech. Click here

24 Pigeon and FairWay Lakes, Sediment Sample Analytical Results Click here

25—34 Review by Licensed Professional Engineer—John Ries. Click here

Notice of Complete Application Click Here

Notice of Public informational hearing Click here

August 26,2011, Fairway Lake Public Hearing at the Matteson Town Hall

[sc_embed_player fileurl=”https://www.pigeonlake.org/FWPermitApplication/PigeonLakeHearing.mp3″] <== Click here