LEARN TO HUNT: Hunters asked to consider teaching new hunters of all ages

MADISON — The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources Learn to Hunt coordinator says the early winter weeks February and March are ideal times to plan spring turkey Learn to Hunt events for youths, adults and families interested in nature and eating healthy.

Keith Warnke, DNR hunting and shooting sports coordinator, says those planning their own spring hunt outings can be among the most effective mentors for those interested in learning about safe and effective hunting, and its role in conservation and harvesting healthy foods.

“Setting aside time to teach the next generation of hunters is of utmost importance for the future of our wildlife conservation programs and unique hunting culture in Wisconsin.” Warnke said.

Warnke says it is common to organize Learn to Hunt events for youth – but another group often is overlooked. Adults and families who have a strong appreciation for Wisconsin’s resources, its wild spaces and eating healthy.

“We know that young adults and families living in urban and suburban areas really value sources of local, sustainably-raised protein,” Warnke said. “Hunting wild game is a very meaningful way to have a personal connection with your food.”

Spring turkey seasons offer an excellent opportunity for novice hunters of all ages to harvest their first animal. A conservation success story, wild turkeys abound in the state and their population continues to grow, in part because of well-managed hunting seasons.

“Whether you grill up your turkey the day of hunt or save it for Thanksgiving,” Warnke said, “there’s nothing like a healthful, savory meal of wild turkey-and the memory of a spring morning in Wisconsin, with turkeys gobbling at dawn.”

For more information on all your Learn to Hunt needs, search the DNR website, dnr.wi.gov, for keyword “LTH.”