New educational materials will help Wisconsin landowners coexist with urban wildlife

MADISON – Wisconsin is home to all types of wildlife, and a new web page will help landowners live with urban wildlife comfortably and safely.

Many Wisconsin landowners will find the “Feeding Wildlife: what You Need to Know [PDF]” overview helpful (found within the “Feeding wildlife: what you need to know” list on the urban wildlife webpage). This document shows how wildlife can be negatively impacted by human feeding, and also shares tips for keeping wildlife wild and healthy while providing suggestions regarding responsible wildlife feeding. Educational materials can be printed and shared at educational events, homeowner association gatherings, parks, and public meetings. For more information, search the DNR website,, for keywords “urban wildlife.”

For additional information, landowners are encouraged to contact a DNR wildlife biologist in their county of residence (enter “wildlife biologist” in the subject line).

Urban coyote webpage provides additional information for landowners

As urban coyotes continue to reside in towns, cities and subdivisions, safety concerns have increased. To assist Wisconsin’s citizens in understanding coyotes and the role they play in their environment, the eastern coyote webpage was created. This webpage will teach readers about coyote biology and ecology and offers suggestions for managing nuisance coyotes and how to deter coyotes from making a home in urban areas.

The urban wildlife webpage is a great tool for learning more about Wisconsin's coyotes.
The urban wildlife webpage is a great tool for learning more about Wisconsin’s coyotes.
Photo Credit: Ryan Brady

Links to local coyote research studies, observation websites, and nuisance wildlife control agents can also be found on this page. To learn more about coyotes in Wisconsin, search keyword “urban wildlife” and select the link titled “coyote.”