Preliminary results for Deer Hunter Wildlife Survey now available

MADISON – In the first three months of the 2016 deer hunter wildlife survey, 2,626 bucks, 8,502 does, 4,745 fawns, and 745 unknowns were reported in 6,985 hunting trips. Hunters are reminded to record wildlife observations through the end of the 2016 deer hunting seasons.

This fun opportunity allows hunters to share their enthusiasm for wildlife and assist with DNR survey efforts. Department staff can track population changes and improve management decisions, especially for species that may be hard to monitor, with help from hunters throughout Wisconsin. Hunters are encouraged to record all hunting activity, even if no wildlife sightings occur.

At the end of each survey year, participants receive a personalized summary of all recorded wildlife. To access the survey webpage, search the DNR website,, for keywords “deer hunter wildlife.” Tally sheets can be filled out electronically or printed directly from the DNR website. The current survey period ends January 2017.