Recruiter Rewards: Discounts for mentors who introduce hunting to novices

MADISON — Experienced hunters who share this Wisconsin tradition with novices may be eligible for half-price license discounts under a state program recognizing the importance of mentors.

Keith Warnke, hunting and shooting sports coordinator for the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, says the program acknowledges how hunters form special bonds. “Whether they are family, friends or coworkers, hunting together creates a lifetime of fun and memories.”

Implemented in 2012, the recruiter rewards program operates as follows:

  • If amentor is listed by three new participants (hunter, angler or trapper) as their recruiter, the mentor can receive a license at half price.
  • To beginthe process, the recruited apprentice purchases a first-time license for $5.
  • Then,after obtaining the mentor’s (or recruiter’s) DNR customer ID number, theapprentice calls the DNR at 888-936-7463 and provides both customer ID numbers.
  • Once thementor accumulates three recruiter points in one license year (April 1 -March 31), the mentor is eligible to receive a license at half price thefollowing year. For example, anapprentice who purchases a first-time buyer’s license in October 2016 hasuntil the end of the 2016 license year (March 31, 2017) to designate hisor her mentor as their recruiter.

All license- buying conservationists can participate in this program (hunters, anglers and trappers) since it applies to any first-time buyer purchase across all types. Once three first-time buyers identify the same mentor as their recruiter for any hunting, angling or trapping license, GoWild will offer the mentor a recruiter license.

A few other details apply:

  • Mentors must be Wisconsin residents to receive the discount.
  • The recruiter price for a Conservation Patron’s license, which normally sellsfor $160, is $100.
  • There is no limit to the number of years a person can serve as a recruiter. You canrecruit three new license buyers every year, and receive your discounteach year.
  • Mentors can check their recruiter points by calling the DNR Call Center at (888)936 7463.

For more information about mentored hunting, search the DNR website for keywords “mentored hunting.”